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Community of Kasia proudly displaying their ODF banner

South Sudanese mothers seek salvation through sanitation

Mary Natie and Susanna Paul, mothers in Kasia, tell us about how Kasia becoming an open defecation free community has cut down on medicine bills and has instilled hope that never again will she have to bury a child who died from diarrhoea.

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Marsela Rafa in Kasia

When sanitation is a lifeline

Moses William, a community health worker, and Marsela Rafa, a midwife, talk about the impact becoming an open defecation free community has had on the health of people in Kasia

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Moyamba District, Sierra Leone

"There used to be so many flies and when it rained, the smell was terrible" recalls Hawa Sovela, a mother of three from Simbek village in Moyamba District, Sierra Leone. Her children giggle as she describes how the "kaka" from the surrounding bushes used to wash into the village with the rains...

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Eliza and access to WASH services in South Sudan

Access to WASH services for returnees in Upper Nile State, South Sudan

Life is hard for twenty-three-year-old Eliza, a returnee from Sudan. Eliza was born and raised in the slums of Khartoum and has arrived just four months ago with her family to South Sudan. "Life has been so hard for us," says Eliza, "My dad died a few years back..."

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A mother takes sanitation into their own hands

CATS empowers mothers to take sanitation into their own hands

Kadiatu smiles as she proudly displays the latest addition to her household - a community-constructed latrine. A single mother of four, Kadiatu has lived in Gbondoma village all her life. Until recently, her children had been plagued by regular bouts of diarrhoea and other diseases...

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Villagers say no to open defecation in Viet Nam

When shock and shame help keep diseases at bay: villagers say no to open defecation in Viet Nam

A sensitisation session in Vinh Thanh Village focuses on helping community members understand the health risks of open defecation. Vinh Thanh Village is nestled in the Mekong Delta region of southern Viet Nam...

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